Textures & Finishes

Walls are no longer common architectural elements that just hold the roof or enclose the space – nowadays walls have become absolute design elements that enhance the space or are showcased as accents.

Wall texturing is one among the many options when it comes to dressing up your walls. There are various types of wall textures, applicable to dry wall as well as plastered walls.

Roger Rendering specializes in interior and exterior wall texturing, for both residential and commercial buildings. We have the experience to handle any texturing project, whether you are building a new home or remodeling. Our professional team will give your home a custom look with long-lasting durability.

Knockdown texture is created by applying a splatter and then using a flat knife to “knock down” the points. The Knockdown texture makes for a nice modern ceiling or wall finish. It can be varied from a small, fine pattern to a larger, dragged-together look called “Spanish Lace”, or “Mediterranean”. Orange Peel is actually a tiny splatter and has become very common. It can be sprayed, or painted, on walls and ceilings, however you like. It can be varied in its application from fine to coarse. A medium application is shown above. A well done wall texture can increase the value of your home.

Applying a hand-troweled drywall texture to your walls takes a bit of elbow grease, but the end result is brand new walls that give your home character and interest. Hand-Troweled Texturing is a great way to cover cracks and uneven walls or to make a wall look older than it is.


Roger Rendering uses the wild line of Unitex finishing products in the proficient activity.

Unitex® Applied Texture Finishes are acrylic bound textured coatings designed for decorating interior and exterior walls. Unitex Applied Texture Finishes are suitable for use over surfaces prepared with Render from the Unitex Renders range.

A one-coat application offers a long life heavy-duty coating. The majority of the Finishes we use are ready-to-use, water-based products.

Roger Rendering provides a custom color business. Please contact our manager to discuss the colors and the very texture you would like to have you walls finished.

The colors shown are flat patterns and all colors are approximate. Please notice that colors are affected by age, texture, lighting conditions, heat and application processes. Color swatches will vary in color and finish to the actual product due to jobsite conditions and methods of application.

Yes, we do small stuff, too!

While we’re known for Plastering in Melbourne, don’t let that stop you from calling if you just need the deck stained or a fresh coat of paint on the fence. We’re happy to do the smaller jobs, too! Get a Free Quote or Call us on: 0403 559 076