Sand finish or Sand render is applied mainly to external render finish. Almost any surfaces can be applied over with sand finish. It perfectly deals with brick surfaces, sometimes over painted surfaces and on concrete ceilings. Sand finish can be done in «one or two coat».

Difference lies in “sandy” type texture a “finer” sand texture correspondingly.

Sand finish gives choice of final look. It can be done in grey for painted surfaces or creme for the mediteranian appearance.

Sand Finish Render Overview:

 Sand Finish occupies for 90 % of the rendering in completely rendered houses one can explore while walking around a couple of districts.

It was extremely popular choice of Perth Builders up until 5-10 years ago when Acrylic Texture coating came in as an option.

It is still popular and good way to coat your house. It has become classical. Especially for Perth Builders. Probably that is because it is cheaper in maintenance than Acrylic Texture Coating.

Besides, some people like to paint the walls by themself. It saves money and gives an opportunity to perform as a real master of housekeeping. .

All at all Sand Finish remains a reliable variant to coat your house. And of course, it ought to be done correctly. And after finishing there must be left enough time to dry before painting.


  1. Mix is mixed in a cement mixer.
  2. Mix is applied to walls 12-14mm thickness with a hawk and trowel.
  3. Walls are “screeded” flat using straight aluminium lengths.
  4. Once the walls are flattened this is called “float coat”.
  5. Now, using a special water spray guy that produces a fine mist, we wet the walls.
  6. Then, we “float” the walls with a large flat “float” tool that further flattens the walls and creates a uniform surface.
  7. We then wet the walls again and finish off with a sponge to give the “Sand Finish” look.
  8. The walls are now ready for painting.

Sand Finish Render mix is made from Sand, Cement and Lime. This ratio is mixed exactly at 6 part sand, 1 part cement, 0.5 lime.

Advantages of Sand Finish Render:

  • Cheaper the Acrylic Texture Coating.
  • Able to save costs by DIY painting.


  • No flexibility. If there is house movement cracks will show.
  • Visible “V” joints. We have to cut fine lines where the render meets the eaves, windows and doors.

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